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The Heiresses (starring Shay Mitchell)

The Heiresses: A Novel
この前ドラマPretty Little LiarsのスピンオフPretty Little Liars: The Perfectionistsについての記事を書いたけど、今度はShay Mitchell主演でThe Heiressesというドラマの話が進行中らしい。

・原作は、PLLThe Perfectionistsと同じSara Shepardによる小説The Heiresses
・ドラマのPLLやスピンオフのPLL: The Perfectionistsと同様、I. Marlene Kingが制作に関わるみたい。

The Perfectionists - Pretty Little Liars' spin-off

The PerfectionistsThe Good Girls (The Perfectionists)
2017年にシーズン7をもって終了したドラマPretty Little Liarsだけど(つまりシーズン7が最終シーズン)、新たなドラマとしてPLLのスピンオフPretty Little Liars: The PerfectionistsのPilotが制作されることになったらしい。

このThe Perfectionistsって、PLLシリーズの原作者Sara ShepardによるYA小説なので、原作も気になるし、ドラマ自体も気になる。
しかもPLLでAli役だったSasha Pieterseと、Mona役だったJanel Parrishが主演らしいし。 PLLのときと同じく、エグゼクティブ・プロデューサーの一人はI. Marlene Kingらしいし。

小説The Perfectionistsシリーズ(by Sara Shepard):
1. The Perfectionists
2. The Good Girls


We can’t keep it a secret any longer! A @PrettyLittleLiars spinoff pilot is in development at Freeform. “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” stars @SashaPieterse27 & @JanelParrish… Welcome to Beacon Heights, Liars. "Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,” which is based on the popular book series The Perfectionists, written by @SaraCShepard, who also penned the #1 New York Times bestselling book series Pretty Little Liars. Everything about the town of Beacon Heights seems perfect, from their top-tier college to their overachieving residents. But nothing in Beacon Heights is as it appears to be. The stress of needing to be perfect leads to the town’s first murder. Behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie and a needed alibi. For more info: link in bio.

Freeformさん(@freeform)がシェアした投稿 -

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 1 & 2

Hawaii Five-0 シーズン1<トク選BOX>(12枚組) [DVD]
DlifeでHawaii Five-0観てます(今シーズン2放送中)。
男性キャラクター2人(SteveとDanny)のbromanceっぷりはNCIS: Los Angeles以上だわ。実際にドラマ観る前はアクション多めな内容をイメージしていたこともあって、あまり私の好きなジャンルじゃないかもと思ってたけど、観てみたら「なんだ、bromanceのドラマだったんだ」と(違)

・Lostに出演しいていた俳優(Daniel Dae Kim)がいることでますますLost感が。

Hawaii Five-0 シーズン2<トク選BOX>(11枚組) [DVD]

Pretty LIttle Liars - Season 5 Episode 25

Dollhouse Furnishings for the Bedroom and Bath: Complete Instructions for Sewing and Making 44 Miniature Projects (Dover Needlework)
Pretty Little Liarsシーズン5の最終話第25話の感想を小説Gossip Girl(by Cecily von Ziegesar)風に。
※ドラマPretty Little Liarsの原作はPretty Little Liarsシリーズ(by Sara Shepard)。

Hey Liars!

Once you enter the Dollhouse,
You'll never get out alive.
Even if you're with a pretty little mouse,
Queen Bee won't let you leave the hive.
When one of the Dolls sneaks out,
All she has to do is sabotage.
She doesn't care if they shout.
All she cares about is her corsage.
In front of the old lair,
Dolls are sobbing tragically.
Out in the middle of nowhere,
All the stars are dancing magically.

You know you'll miss me,
Pretty Little Liar

Pretty LIttle Liars - Season 5 Episode 24

Super Keto Smoothies & Juices (English Edition)
Pretty Little Liarsシーズン5第24話の感想を小説Gossip Girl(by Cecily von Ziegesar)風に。
※ドラマPretty Little Liarsの原作はPretty Little Liarsシリーズ(by Sara Shepard)。

Hey Liars!

If you see happiness of all those years,
You'll believe you yourself are a spark,
And that makes all these tears
Seem not so cold and dark.


AD passing a note to her inmate friend. Maybe you get caught, maybe you don't. It's worth a shot. AM receiving a box full of disturbing stuff. Hide it if you don't want your parents to find out what you've received. E sitting at the island table almost drinking god knows what. Don't drink it unless you're absolutely sure it's safe. H crying thinking about her best friend's little brother. Don't choose misery over happiness, but don't destroy someone's life. There is always a way to make both happy. S pouring red sauce. When the glass turned red / After she poured cold milk / She realized she was misled / By the smoothness of silk.

You know you'd lie for me,
Pretty Little Liar

Pretty LIttle Liars - Season 5 Episode 23

Lomelino's Ice Cream: 79 Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Frozen Treats to Make Any Day Sweet
Pretty Little Liarsシーズン5第23話の感想を小説Gossip Girl(by Cecily von Ziegesar)風に。
※ドラマPretty Little Liarsの原作はPretty Little Liarsシリーズ(by Sara Shepard)。

Hey Liars!

Her smile is so pure and true
That everyone thinks her sky is always blue.
But as every rain has to fall,
Her life isn't perfect at all.


AD busy talking to her inmate friend while doing laundry. It's comforting to see familiar faces in places like these. AM talking to her ex tutor. Did you sense that there was something off about him? Me too! E deciding to support her friend. A best friend is someone who has your back no matter what. H smiling making sure her mom will be okay. If you find your spot in your heart, you'll be fine wherever you are. S reading a book. Or not. The book is red / And they still don't know what it means / But I'll tell you what she said / Just don't freak out and spill the beans.

You know you'd lie for me,
Pretty Little Liar

Pretty LIttle Liars - Season 5 Episode 22

London: An Expanding 3-D City Skyline (Panorama Pops)
Pretty Little Liarsシーズン5第22話の感想を小説Gossip Girl(by Cecily von Ziegesar)風に。
※ドラマPretty Little Liarsの原作はPretty Little Liarsシリーズ(by Sara Shepard)。

Hey Liars!

Even if our friendship breaks,
My heart won't break,
Because unlike those little snowflakes,
Everything is beautifully fake.


AD ironing orange jumpsuit. Keep doing. Maybe this will lead you to somewhere peaceful. AM avoiding someone and she knows exactly why. Some people avoid things because they don't want to face it, others simply do other stuff so they will come up with a better plan. S bonding with her sister, probably for the first time in her life. I'm sure we all know at this point that a little lie can destroy everything. H confessing in a foyer. But nobody tells me the truth also can destroy everything. E reading a love note. Roses are red / But my heart is blue / Because this gorgeous letter / Is not from you.

You know you'd lie for me,
Pretty Little Liar
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Pretty Little Liars - Season 6
A is for Adored...
Odd Birds
Odd Birds
by Ian Harding (Ezra from Pretty Little Liars)
- Pretty Little LiarsのEzra役のIan Hardingによるエッセイ集/自叙伝。

We Love Disney(日本盤・全16曲・ボーナストラック3曲)
- ディズニーの名曲を豪華アーティストたちがカバーしたコンピレーション・アルバム。ドラマPretty Little LiarsにAria役で出演するLucy Haleも参加。
- 12. "Let It Go" (Frozen) Lucy Hale & Rascal Flatts

by Shay Mitchell (Emily from Pretty Little Liars) & Michaela Blaney
- Hardcover
- 320 pages
Pretty Little LiarsのShay Mitchellと親友Michaela Blaneyによる初の小説。21歳女子3人の恋、友情、幸せ探し物語。
- Adoredでの記事はこちら。

Life. Love. Beauty.
life. love. beauty
by Keegan Allen (Toby from Pretty Little Liars)
- Hardcover
- 304 pages
Pretty Little LiarsのToby役Keegan Allenによる初のフォトブック。自身が撮りためた写真に文章を添えたアーティスティックな作品。Pretty Little Liarsの4人の写真も。

Road Between
Road Between (*Deluxe Edition) by Lucy Hale (Aria from Pretty Little Liars)
Genre: Country
1. You Sound Good to Me
2. From The Backseat
3. Nervous Girls
4. Red Dress
5. Goodbye Gone
6. Kiss Me
7. Road Between
8. Lie a Little Better
9. That's What I Call Crazy
10. Love Tonight
11. Just Another Song
*12. My Little Black Wedding Dress
*13. Feels Like Home
*14. Loved
*15. Kiss Me (Live Acoustic)
*16. Road Between (Live Acoustic)

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