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Shay Mitchell

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JJ Spotlight of the WeekでPretty Little LiarsのShay Mitchell(Emily)が取り上げられていて、インタビュー(前半はPLLについて話してるので注意!)を読んだんだけど、Shayってすごく好奇心のある子なんだなって思いました。

↓"I think you grow so much from those experiences."っていう言葉が出てくることもそうだし、
JJ: The PLL fans are so diehard and obsessed with the show. What are some things that you’re really passionate about?

SM: Probably traveling. We always bring our computers to work and one thing I’m always doing is looking at different places I want to go to next, planning it out when I have my hiatus, thinking about where I want to go. I read travel blogs and I’m very passionate about going to different places and making sure when I do have off time, I go somewhere and I experience another culture and other people. I think you grow so much from those experiences.
JJ: You also have a blog where you share a lot of your favorite things. Tell us about that.

SM: Yes, I do. I love doing that. My blog is such a passion of mine. Me and my best friend/roommate Michaela, we just have so much fun doing it. When we’re at home, after I come back from work and she’s done with work, when we’re talking about stuff, she’s either read a really great book or I’ve watched a really good documentary, and we just want to share it with other people. So I think that’s kind of where it all came from.
JJ: We saw your home featured in the American Eagle campaign and you have a great eye for design too.

SM: I love design! I always say, if I wasn’t an actress, I’d either be a National Geographic photographer or I’d be an interior designer. I love interior design. That’s another one of the blogs I’m always on. I’m always trying to switch up the space. I tear out a lot of sheets from magazines. If I’m on websites, I’ll put different ideas on Pinterest. And if there comes a time where, “Oh I need to renovate my bathroom,” I go through my Pinterest boards or I go through binders of ideas that I cut out from magazines.
I also listen to a lot of indie bands and stuff my roommate Michaela gives me. She listens to so many different styles of music, so she’ll give me new songs that I’ll add to the playlist.
Shayの性格・考え方って↓この"I think you just have to learn as much as you can, see as much as you can, meet new people. I get inspired every day by learning new things and hearing people’s stories."に集約されてると思うんだけど、自分で自分の境界線引くんじゃなくて、常に扉を開けていて、さまざまなものを取り入れたり、吸収したりっていう意欲がすごいなって。それが自然と自分の身になっていくっていうことを知ってるんだろうなって思うし、日常生活においてもかなりポジティブなんじゃないかと思いました。
JJ: You mentioned the marathon as a goal of yours. Being on such a successful show, do you think it’s important to not get complacent? How do you go about setting goals for yourself?

SM: I have a vision board at my house and I’m always adding to that. I have the marathon on there now and when I accomplish that, I’ll take it off and put it in another book of stuff I’ve done and places I’ve already been to. And I’ll add new stuff onto it. But I think life is all about trying new experiences, doing different things, and learning. Another thing I have on my board is to learn Spanish, so once I do that, then I’ll put that away and put up Italian. I think you just have to learn as much as you can, see as much as you can, meet new people. I get inspired every day by learning new things and hearing people’s stories. I’m always writing it down, putting it on my board, and thinking about how to do it. I don’t think you ever stop having goals.
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